Sales training doesn't work...

because it's not easy to do.

Managers are responsible for developing and regularly coaching their teams. Many don't have the tools or knowledge they need to be highly effective. The training process feels overwhelming and is often neglected.

The result?

  • A lack of ongoing touch points and skill development leads to high turnover and missed sales.

  • Leaders waste time developing training and agents lose field time in long, ineffective seminars.

  • Your Top 20% are intrinsically motivated to perform; your Bottom 20% (non-performers) consume most of your time and attention; leaving the middle 60% not supported enough to reach their true potential.

What if training your team was easy

with absolutely no preparation?

Our easy-to-use E3 Sales Coaching system powered by Summit Learning Systems encourages your employees to discover and discuss their ability to positively impact the sales results of your organization. It's the culmination of our best corporate training solutions over the past 20 years designed for field managers and teams.

How It Works

  • Download

    Get monthly access to an engaging, informal, collaborative training guide focused on key sales skills.

  • Engage

    Managers incorporate this easy-to-use 20 minute system in their monthly meetings to facilitate collaborative microlearning.

  • Reinforce

    Team members receive a monthly retention and implementation assessment to track utilization and reinforce the skill.

  • Measure

    Sales increase and the entire team’s skills rise as the E3 system elevates and leverages your leaders' skills by engaging every team member.

The key to our training success is our focus on behavior modification, driving for consistent execution by every person on the team.

The Result?

  • Informal micro-training that's easy to use saves managers time and keeps your leaders in the field.

  • Monthly touch points with every team member leads to increased skill retention and decreased turnover.

  • Tactical skill development in a collaborative setting generates more sales.

E3 Sales Coaching

Elevate Everyone's Expertise

  • Ongoing Program

    12-month sales coaching program delivers a new skill training guide every month.

  • Collaborative Content

    Leader guide promotes collaborative learning for better engagement and retention.

  • Skill Transfer Confirmed

    Meeting engagement and follow-up survey metrics confirm skill transfer.


Each training guide is focused on the key skills frontline teams need to be successful in driving revenue and improving customer experience. This is just a small sample of the skills your leaders will develop.

  • Value Proposition

  • Asking the Right Questions

  • Negotiating

  • Handling Objections

  • Selling through Sales Resistance

  • Handling Difficult Customers

  • Needs-Based Selling

  • Identifying Your Target Customer

  • Call Reluctance

Elevate Everyone's Expertise

with the E3 Sales Coaching powered by Summit Learning Systems.

Schedule a call today to discover how your team can begin to use the E3 Sales Coaching system. You'll review a free training module during your call.

Sales Training Success

What our clients are saying...

Split Test Shows 278% Increase

SVP Sales and Marketing • Apex

"In the 720 locations that sell our products, we had 2 groups, one subscribed to the retail sales modules and the other did not. We saw a 278% increase in sales due to the structured meetings around the skills needed."

15% More Sales. 10% Less Turnover.

VP Training & Development • Republic Services

"With over 50 offices in 17 states, it is a challenge to get a consistent skill development program in place. In the last 2 years, we have increased sales by 15% and decreased turnover by 10% due to this training."

Improved Communication

VP Training • Labor Ready

With this tool we have seen a reason for the managers to meet with their teams which has helped on many levels. They are more in touch with what is going on with their reps, and most importantly they are playing a part in the increase in sales we have seen."

Our Clients

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