Maintaining high performing teams is challenging...

because it's not easy to do.

Managers are responsible for developing and regularly coaching their teams. Many don't have the tools or knowledge they need to be highly effective. The process is inconsistent, feels overwhelming, and is therefore often neglected.

The result?

  • A lack of ongoing skill development leads to high turnover and missed targets.

  • Leaders waste time with ineffective, inefficient , and inconsistent meetings.

  • Your Top 20% are intrinsically motivated to perform; your Bottom 20% (non-performers) consume most of your time and attention; leaving the middle 60% not supported enough to reach their true potential.

We make developing your team easy!

(with essentially no preparation)

Our collaborative E3 Discussion and Coaching platform positions your team members to positively impact your organization's culture and results. 

How It Works

  • Download

    Get monthly access to an engaging, informal, easy-to-use leader's guide focused on key skills.

  • Engage

    Managers do less talking during their monthly 20 minute E3 meetings and better facilitate collaborative microlearning that sticks.

  • Reinforce

    Team members receive a monthly retention and implementation assessment to reinforce key behaviors.

  • Measure

    Watch as the entire team’s performance improves by leveraging your leader's skills and by engaging every team member.

We consistently improve performance by focusing on behavior modification, driving for a high level of execution by every person on the team.

The result?

  • Informal micro-training that's easy to use saves managers time and keeps your leaders in the field.

  • Monthly touch points with every team member illuminate coaching opportunities which lead to increased revenue and and decreased turnover.

  • Tactical skill development in a collaborative setting generates consistent growth and productivity.

E3 Discussion and Coaching Platform

Powered by E3 Performance Solutions

  • Ongoing Program

    12 or 24-month coaching program delivers a new set of interactive materials every month.

  • Collaborative Content

    Leader guide promotes collaborative learning for better engagement and retention.

  • Skill Transfer Confirmed

    Meeting engagement and follow-up survey metrics confirm skill transfer.


Each session focuses on the tactical behaviors teams need to be successful in driving revenue and improving customer experience through enhanced and consistent team engagement in all aspects of the business. Our areas of expertise:

  • Selling Skills (i.e.)

    Building Value - Converting Problems into Needs - Metrics Selling - Your First Impression May Be Your Last - Handling Objections - The Power of Self-Generated Leads - Negotiating a “Win-Win” Strategy - Winning Attitudes - A Clear Perspective on Price - Developing Benefits That Sell - Developing Problems into Needs - The Relationship Contract

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (i.e.)

    Engaging Others Productively - Intent VS Impact - Benefits of an Inclusive Organization - Less = More: How Equity Helps Everyone - Our Context Shapes Our Content - Continuing the Journey - It’s About Making People Count - Balancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Equity & Inclusion Impacting Us All - Inclusive Organizational Characteristics - The Impact of Micro-Aggressions - Embracing Generational Differences

  • Customer Experience (i.e.)

    Building Customer Relationships - Effective Listening - Handle It - More Time to Serve - Presenting Solutions - Putting it All Together - Soft Collections - The Mysteries of Problem Solving - The Quality Component - The Right Question - The Service Team - Understanding Customer Needs

  • Staff Development (i.e.)

    Greeting Guests - Customer Service Basics - Handling Complaints - Resolving Issues - Teamwork - Increasing Productivity - Daily Meetings - Answering Questions - Giving Directions - Goal Setting - Respect for Others - Effective Time Management

  • Safety (i.e.)

    Circle of Safety (vehicle safety cones) - Distracted Driving - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - Ladder / Rack Inspections - Working in an attic or crawlspace - Driving: Parking - Digging - Ladder Carrying - Lifting - Driving: Before you start your trip - Lockout / Tagout - Ladder Climbing

  • Leadership (i.e.)

    Foundations of Leadership – Change Leadership - Charismatic Leadership – Entrepreneurial Leadership - Coaching for Continued Performance – Corrective Coaching Language - Providing Positive Reinforcement – Time Management - Handling Difficult Conversations – Executing for Desired Results - Employee Engagement – Running Effective Meetings

Elevate Everyone's Expertise

with the E3 Discussion and Coaching platform

Schedule a call today to discover how you and your team can use the E3 Discussion and Coaching Platform to drive your success. You'll review a free training module during your call.

What our clients are saying...

Split Test Shows 278% Increase

SVP Sales and Marketing • Apex

"In the 720 locations that sell our products, we had 2 groups, one subscribed to the retail sales modules and the other did not. We saw a 278% increase in sales due to the structured meetings around the skills needed."

15% More Sales. 10% Less Turnover.

VP Training & Development • Republic Services

"With over 50 offices in 17 states, it is a challenge to get a consistent skill development program in place. In the last 2 years, we have increased sales by 15% and decreased turnover by 10% due to this training."

Improved Communication

VP Training • Labor Ready

With this tool we have seen a reason for the managers to meet with their teams which has helped on many levels. They are more in touch with what is going on with their reps, and most importantly they are playing a part in the increase in sales we have seen."

Our Clients